Wharfe Wharfe trip, 30th Mar

The final trip of the “season”, this coming Sunday 30th, is a combined Upper and Lower Wharfe paddle which is both an experienced and a beginners trip in one. The idea is for the more experienced paddlers to run down to Linton Falls where we will meet up with those wishing to paddle the Lower section. Here you can watch paddlers run Linton Falls from the bridge above before getting on the river below the Falls.

If you’d like to come on this trip, please let me know at tonythompson@pobox.com so I can arrange suitable cover – Also let me know whether you wish to do the Upper or Lower section so I can arrange shuttle plans accordingly.

Meet up for the Upper section is at the bridge at Conistone where we usually put-in, meeting time of 9:00am. The Upper and Lower run combined are a long paddle so please make sure you have 3 weetabix for brekkie. Here’s a link to the meet point: Map

Meet up for the Lower section is at Linton Falls (try not to pay for parking as the plan is to take cars down to Barden Bridge with a shuttle back after offloading boats – only 1 or 2 people then have to pay). Meet up time is at 10:00am. Meeting point for lower section is here: Map


Hopefully the river will be at a good level – around 0.45m and lower is suitable for beginners. I’ll be keeping an eye on river levels but if you wish to do so too, you can use these links:

EA River Gauge: http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homeandleisure/floods/riverlevels/120697.aspx?stationId=8110
Webcam at Burnsall: http://www.farsondigitalwatercams.com/live-webcams/north/Wharfe/Burnsall/

My mobile number, assuming there’s a signal, is 07590 567652 in case anyone gets lost, but I’m on O2 so its debatable if you’ll reach me 🙂

For those travelling from the Wakefield/Pugneys area, it’s about a 1.5 hours drive to Conistone (slightly less for Linton) so I suggest leaving at 7:30am for the 9am start if doing the Upper.

Finally, if levels are too low, the plan is to go to the Washburn instead (it’s just down the road from Linton) so please let me know if you are coming, to avoid a potentially wasted trip and disappointment.

Any questions/queries, please give me a shout.