Spring Update

Good evening All, as the weather looks to be looking up we have a couple of updates for you all:

We had a meeting this week at Pugney’s to discuss the 2019 season and this was very positive. Basically we can run the sessions the same as last year as Wakefield Council were happy with how we operated last year. Looking forwards it is hoped a watersports company will take over the management of the water but this will not begin until towards the end of 2019 with a view to begin in full in 2020. Wakefield Council will however put caveats on the new operators to ensure the active clubs – ourselves and the Windsurf club will still be able to operate on the water.

Wakefield Council will look to provide a new notice board for our club so we can advertise. We will also provide more flyers to be handed out at reception.

Linton Whitewater Course

For all you non Facebook types Linton Whitewater Course is almost complete. This week saw water flowing and the first test run down the course.

The course is going to be paddleable even when in normal fish p[ass mode and then once flow is increased should be great fun. In the next few weeks rapid blocks will be added and tested to generate some nice waves and playspots. Meetings will take place and a management committee will be formed to determine how the facility is run and maintained, WYCC will be one of the clubs involved in the management so this will become a great asset to the club and the region.