Slalom Updates

The last couple of weeks have seen several of our  members competing in slalom events, firstly we had our own slalom at West Tanfield and last week was Oughtibridge Slalom.

Results below:

Slenningford Saturday:

Beth Walker 2nd place officials, 1st place C1W Div 3                                    Tabitha Percy 1st K1W Div 2 and promoted to Div 1                                    Josh Brown 2nd K1M Div 3                                                                                            Dowi Burkinshaw 6th K1M Div 3                                                                                Andrew Currell 14th K1M Div 3                                                                                  Olivia Currell 4th K1W Div 3                                                                                        Jack Pearl 1st K1M Div 4                                                                                                  Louis Audain 4th K1M Div 4


Tabitha Percy 2nd Official                                                                                                Beth/Tabitha 3rd C2 Div 2/3                                                                                          Josh Brown 2nd K1M Div 3                                                                                            Dowi Burkinshaw 3rd K1M Div  3                                                                              Andrew Currell 10th K1M Div 3                                                                                  Olivia Currell 5th K1W Div 3

Oughtibridge Saturday:

Russell Haigh 3rd K1M Div 4 and promoted to Div 3                                      Fraser Haigh 4th K1M Div 4                                                                                          Andrew Currell 13th K1M Div 3                                                                                  Olivia Currell 6th K1W Div 3


Andrew Currell 22nd K1M Div 3                                                                                Olivia Currell 4th   K1W Div 3                                                                                      Emma Percy 9th K1W Div 3

Upcoming slalom events:

Sat/Sun  7/8th October Darley Abbey Div3/4

Fantastic results from our paddlers, this is the most entries we have had in competitions in the last few years and hopefully we will have a few more before the end of the year.

Yorkshire Slalom winter training calendar will be out shortly, any paddlers are free to come along to training sessions and boats etc.  will be available if required. We will publish the calendar shortly on our website but in the meantime if any other paddlers are interested in slalom please contact: