River Ure Trip – 19th Feb 2012

The plan for this Sunday (19th Feb) is to paddle the River Ure at West Tanfield. The trip will be down from Mickley to Sleningford which takes in grade 2 and 3 sections of river. The plan is to meet at the campsite (Sleningford Waterrmill) at 9:30am.

Anyone who plans to attend MUST let either of the organisers know.

It is IMPORTANT that people let us know that they plan on attending so we can organise enough competent people for safety and leadership on the river as well as the trip location possibly changing due to water levels. It is vital that we have sufficient safety cover, and if this isn’t the case trip numbers could be limited. The final say on who can attend the trip is down to the organisers.

Please note anyone not confirming they are attending could be turned away on the day. The organisers do not accept any responsibility for people turning up when a trip has been cancelled or the meeting place changed, if we do not know you are attending. Trips are only open to WYCC members.