Reminder: New Years Day Paddle

A reminder that the Club New Years Day Paddle takes place this Sunday, 1st January 2012 @ 10.30am.

Meet at Slenningford Watermill, near West Tanfield and paddle from Mickley to Slenningford Watermill.

Any equipment required please contact Peter Dawson via

Some members may wish to walk up the river side instead of paddling and then join us for the Faith lunch.

The Faith lunch will be held above the Try-It/Go Outdoors canoe shop (thanks to Simon for letting us use the room). A Faith lunch is where each person brings some food such as: Mince Pies; Sandwiches; Xmas Cake; Cheese; Pork Pie; Mulled Wine; Wine; Mars Bar Cake; Sausages; Breadsticks; Dips; etc. The food is put on a central table and shared. This is an alternative to going for a meal at the local pub as they were charging £25 per head for lunch a few years ago and could become expensive for a family.

Hope to see you all there.