Pugneys is back!!! (this Saturday 6th April) – Non-members welcome to come try kayaking

Yes, it’s that time of the year again – the first session at Pugneys starts next Saturday (6th April).

Please ensure you get to the green WYCC container for 12:30 to grab gear and get changed – the aim is to be on the water by 1pm. (The container will close at 12:50 to give the coordinators time to get ready and maximise time on the water).

Cost per person is as follows:-

£7 for non-members including kit hire (boat, helmet, bouyancy aid, cag, spraydeck, paddle)

£5 for members including kit hire
£3.50 for members who use their own kit

Come learn to Kayak – Beginners and those with no previous experience are welcome to come along and try us out.

Full details are here: Pugneys sessions and on the About the Club page.

Also, a gentle reminder to let Mike know if you wish to take part in either the 2 Star Adult sessions or the Junior Paddle Power.