New Year Day Paddle – Slenningford Watermill

As per club tradition, on New Years Day paddle we will padleagain this year. We’ll be paddling the River Ure from Mickley to Sleningford Watermill.

More details on the route we’ll be taking are here:

Conditions will be expectedly very cold, both on and off the water, so it is imperative you are dressed appropriately for the environment. A proper wetsuit and CAG Jacket or dry suit with underlayers will be required.

We are monitoring the river levels very closely, however at the minim required levels the trip will not be suitable to beginners to moving water. At higher levels, the club will make a decision on individual competency.

Please note: There is a £6 charge per paddler paid to the site on arrival (for parking and maintenance of the river at the campsite). Payment by cash only, as the office is closed on the day we are paddling.

Please book online (below) to confirm your attendance.