Linton Locks whitewater course

The Linton White Water Course is now getting very close to completion. The main inlet gate is now in place and mechanical tests should begin this week with water tests expected around February.

As you can see from the photos below the site is quite large and will feature 3 large pools. Plastic rapidblocks are to be placed inside the 2 concrete structures between the pools to form weirs and hopefully some nice surf waves.

There are plans to have permanent posts and slalom gates for slalom practice and competitions. Also hopefully the course will be floodlit.

The plan to manage the site is for several local clubs to manage the scheme together. This will consist of each club running several releases per year on a similar basis to Washburn but with the added bonus of being able to adjust the flow.

Original design concept. As you can see from below the water area has been increased.

The course should also allow for slalom competitions to take place throughout the year with on site camping and toilet facilities.

The facility will be a fantastic addition to our region and will provide almost guaranteed year round water for slalom and freestyle alike.

First pool after inlet gate
Two main pools and banking
Inlet gate and hydraulics
View from the bridge. The channels on the right are the fish passes and will be blocked off during kayaking mode. Rapid blocks will be placed inside the concrete channels.
View under the bridge down to the exit of the course.
View from the end of the course, the water is expected to be up to the top of the concrete with a nice wave at the end. The narrow channel on the left is the fish pass.
This area will become the car park and camping area for events etc.