Linton Locks

Below are some new photos from Linton Locks site last week. Progress is well underway by the new contractors with most of the concrete works in place.

Above is the plan layout and below you can now start to recognise the features from the plan.

Above shows the inlet channel from the river, you can make out the recesses where the hydraulic ramp will be installed in the next few weeks. The steel piles to the left will form the outside of the first pool.

Above shows the exit weir structures for the top 2 pools, steel channels are built into the concrete to allow for the fitting of plastic rapid blocks to allow the features to be altered from time to time. The scale of the structures can now be seen looking at the people and the large digger in the background.

Above shows the bridge to the hydro plant, this has all been excavated underneath now.

Above shows the end of the course, the yellow paint shows the area that will be excavated to form a beach to allow easy exit. This will also allow access to the lower pool for beginners.

Above is a photo looking from above the first pool.

Above is the lower fish pass.

I believe for our region this is going to be a great addition and will allow for paddling all year round and could also host events such as slaloms etc. As a regional club we have the possibility to become more involved in the management and running of Linton, more information will be available at our AGM in November.