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Approximated guide on recommended paddle levels. Always check the water level at the get on and get off points prior to paddling.

Dislaimer: WYCC accept no responsibility for injury or loss resulting from the use of this information.

River Calder at Horbury (Healey): <0.4m for beginner paddlers recommended.

Sowerby Bridge: <0.25m for beginner paddlers recommended, less than 0.3m for experienced.

River Holme: Between 0.6-0.8m. Any lower and it’s a scrape. 0.7m is a decent level for running the last weir.

River Wharfe: <0.4m for a steady beginners paddle (Webcam for lower section)

Upper Tees at Middleton: 0.6m+ (0.47 Scrapey, 0.77 Interesting)

Lower Tees (Barnard Castle to Winston): 0.8m+ (0.8 is around the minimum runnable)

River Ure: <0.7m for beginners

River Irwell: 0.4m for beginners

River Lune: 0.8m to 0.9m is a decent medium-low paddle

River Greta: 0.84m is a decent level. The Tees is probably at a high level also.

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