Foundation Safety and Rescue course

For those that want it I will run a Foundation Safety and Rescue sessions over 2 consectutive weekends (Saturday/Sunday). The course is 8 hours minimum but I feel that 10 hours is more realistic (5 hours each day). I could run this any day between now and 23 Nov when I am away. If you are thinking of going on to coaching you need to complete this course to an acceptable standard. The course consists of 2 hours of theory and 8 hours of rescues covering swimmers, boat to boat rescues.

The purpose is to provide the paddler with all the necessary skills which will enable them to ensure the safety of themselves and others, also to equip each person with the appropriate rescue skill which can be used to help themselves and others.

This award will be registered with the BCU and is open to all persons over 14 years of age. You need to be 2 star paddling standard as you will be using a variety of craft. You also need to be able to swim in your normal paddling clothing.

For those younger than 14 I will run a junior version.

For those wishing to participate please contact Mike Robson. Tel 07721 362529 Email


Mike Robson