Club Charitable Status Application

An Extra-Ordinary General Meeting has been called to discuss and ratify the committee’s intention to set up West Yorkshire Canoe Club as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

The Committee of West Yorkshire Canoe Club (WEST YORKSHIRE CANOE CLUB) would like to invite you to an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on Saturday 13th November @10:00 at Coffee Stop at the junction.
Address:  The Junction, Charles St, Horbury, Wakefield WF4 5FH [Map]

Link to Microsoft Teams Online Meeting:

Below we aim to explain and outline the reasons for the EGM.


Over the last 18 months to 2 years the Club has seen a significant growth which has been great for WEST YORKSHIRE CANOE CLUB and for the promotion of paddle sports. We have seen increase in demand for sessions and have engaged with the local community at all ages. A new chapter in the club’s growth has seen its new home at Horbury junction, thanks to Helen and the Junction Café.

It is a requirement for every club, irrespective of size, to register either with the HMRC or the Charity Commission. At present, WEST YORKSHIRE CANOE CLUB is not registered officially with any government body and as a result, is not operating in an appropriate way.

With the growth of the club, the committee are keen to ensure there are legal safeguards to protect the club assets (both financial and physical) and those who volunteer their time to ensure the continued success of the club.

The committee have discussed several options for the future of the club and have decided that forming the club as a registered charity provides the necessary safeguards required, whilst opening opportunities for grants and funding for the club.

The club committee wish to propose setting up a Charitable Incorporated Organisation and transferring all of the assets of the Club over to West Yorkshire Canoe Club CIO.


A Charitable Incorporated Organisation (known as a CIO) is a form of registered charity. CIOs must be registered with and report to the Charity Commission. CIO’s have to keep a register of trustees and report its financial accounts on a yearly basis.

There are two different types of CIO available: Foundation and Association. An Association Model CIO is a membership organisation and hold elections fir positions of trustees and volunteers, similar to how the club operates now.


West Yorkshire Canoe Club was founded in 1955. At the time, there were no such requirements to register with either the HMRC or the Charity Commission. To secure the future of the club and protect it’s financial and physical assets, legal registration is required.

Becoming a charity makes the club eligible to apply to a lot more trusts and foundations that only give grants to registered charities. The club at present struggles to win funding or grants due to our informal status. Charities can reclaim gift aid on many of the donations received from private individuals.

Additionally, with the rise of electronic payments taken by the club through online bookings and memberships, payment providers have been placing restrictions upon the club – again due to not being properly registered.

Finally, a charity structure protects members and trustees from the financial and contractual liabilities incurred by the charity.

Constitution of a Charitable Incorporated Organisation with voting members other than its charity trustees

Only fully paid up club members will be entitled to vote on the following Motions in line with the current Club Constitution. You can renew your membership online easily.

Motions for the EGM

1. WEST YORKSHIRE CANOE CLUB Committee propose that a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) is set up with the name of West Yorkshire Canoe Club CIO.

Proposed R.Cooke            Seconded A.Walker

2. The new Charity WEST YORKSHIRE CANOE CLUB CIO will run alongside WEST YORKSHIRE CANOE CLUB until a point where the physical and monetary assets, including membership, can be transferred from WEST YORKSHIRE CANOE CLUB over to West Yorkshire Canoe Club CIO.

Proposed R.Cooke            Seconded B.Abrams

3.The Current WEST YORKSHIRE CANOE CLUB Committee propose that the following people become the trustees of West Yorkshire Canoe Club CIO for the next 12 months: –

Rich Cooke – Chairman
Andy Walker – Secretary
Nova Burkinshaw – Treasurer
Peter Dawson – Trustee
Adam Dunne – Trustee
Kevin Jackson – Trustee
Billy Tindle – Trustee
Andrew Currell – Trustee
Ben Abrams – Trustee

Proposed R.Cooke            Seconded K.Jackson

4. WEST YORKSHIRE CANOE CLUB Committee proposes that WEST YORKSHIRE CANOE CLUB CIO adopt the following constitution in line with the Charities Commission Model Constitution, and agrees that any recommended or required changes advised by the charity commission be adopted providing they do not substantially change the content of the constitution. (Please see attached document WEST YORKSHIRE CANOE CLUB CIO Constitution)

Proposed R.Cooke            Seconded A.Walker