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2012 Club Committee Members

Dear All,

At the 2011 AGM, the committee positions and procedures were discussed, with the outcome being that the following decisions would be made at the subsequent Committee Meeting:

Vice-Chair to be selected via a committee member vote, and once the person is elected into the post; their committee member post would immediately be dissolved. The remaining new committee members elected at the AGM would then have their names put into a hat, and the first three drawn out would be given two-year posts and the remaining would be one-year posts. Those people elected into one-year posts will need to reapply for position on the committee at the 2012 AGM, where the vacant one-year posts will revert to two-year posts to ensure there is a balance of members up for election each year.

Following tonight’s Committee Meeting, the 2012 WYCC Committee is as follows.

With Kind Regards


Chairman – Richard Cooke – 1 year remaining
Vice-Chair – Ian Johnson – 2 years
Treasurer – Steve Thorley-Lawson – 1 year
Secretary – Adrian O’Meara – 2 years
Member – Andy Walker – 1 year
Member – Peter Dawson – 2 year
Member – Steve Arundale – 2 year
Member – Tony Thompson – 2 year
Member – Paul Atkins – 1 year
Member – Andy Smith – 1 year
Junior Member – Keelan Wilbond – 1 yearΒ (Co-opt Position)