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Linton Locks whitewater course

The Linton White Water Course is now getting very close to completion. The main inlet gate is now in place and mechanical tests should begin this week with water tests expected around February.

As you can see from the photos below the site is quite large and will feature 3 large pools. Plastic rapidblocks are to be placed inside the 2 concrete structures between the pools to form weirs and hopefully some nice surf waves.

There are plans to have permanent posts and slalom gates for slalom practice and competitions. Also hopefully the course will be floodlit.

The plan to manage the site is for several local clubs to manage the scheme together. This will consist of each club running several releases per year on a similar basis to Washburn but with the added bonus of being able to adjust the flow.

Original design concept. As you can see from below the water area has been increased.

The course should also allow for slalom competitions to take place throughout the year with on site camping and toilet facilities.

The facility will be a fantastic addition to our region and will provide almost guaranteed year round water for slalom and freestyle alike.

First pool after inlet gate
Two main pools and banking
Inlet gate and hydraulics
View from the bridge. The channels on the right are the fish passes and will be blocked off during kayaking mode. Rapid blocks will be placed inside the concrete channels.
View under the bridge down to the exit of the course.
View from the end of the course, the water is expected to be up to the top of the concrete with a nice wave at the end. The narrow channel on the left is the fish pass.
This area will become the car park and camping area for events etc.

Saturday 3rd November

This coming Saturday we are looking to run a beginner river trip, this will most probably be on the Calder from Mytholmroyd to Sowerby Bridge or Mickley to Slenningford.

The trip should be suitable for most members but please contact clubsecretary  if you are wanting to come along.

We may be able to take a few boats with us or arrange for boats to be borrowed but we will need confirmation by latest Thursday evening.

We will look to meet at the start early Saturday but location and time will be confirmed later in the week.




Linton Locks

Below are some new photos from Linton Locks site last week. Progress is well underway by the new contractors with most of the concrete works in place.

Above is the plan layout and below you can now start to recognise the features from the plan.

Above shows the inlet channel from the river, you can make out the recesses where the hydraulic ramp will be installed in the next few weeks. The steel piles to the left will form the outside of the first pool.

Above shows the exit weir structures for the top 2 pools, steel channels are built into the concrete to allow for the fitting of plastic rapid blocks to allow the features to be altered from time to time. The scale of the structures can now be seen looking at the people and the large digger in the background.

Above shows the bridge to the hydro plant, this has all been excavated underneath now.

Above shows the end of the course, the yellow paint shows the area that will be excavated to form a beach to allow easy exit. This will also allow access to the lower pool for beginners.

Above is a photo looking from above the first pool.

Above is the lower fish pass.

I believe for our region this is going to be a great addition and will allow for paddling all year round and could also host events such as slaloms etc. As a regional club we have the possibility to become more involved in the management and running of Linton, more information will be available at our AGM in November.

Pontefract Pool Sessions

Pontefract pool sessions will resume this Thursday 6th September. Sessions have been booked for the next 6 week, after this we will evaluate the feasibility of continuing the session.

Before summer the Pontefract pool sessions had been losing money on almost every session and we’re sure as a club you can understand that we can’t sustain this loss.

In order to keep the sessions in the future we have to ensure enough members attend to allow us to at least break even.

Please try to attend the sessions and help keep the Thursday nights feasible.

Pugneys 1st September


Unfortunately the lake has been closed this morning due to Toxic Algae after water tests today.

We will look to provide an alternative paddle on a local river for competent paddlers.

Please see our Facebook page for further details.

Alternatively Greenstar Canoe Club has a beginners slalom and have a go session event today at there lake at Hatfield Water Park. Please see Greenstar Canoe Club on Facebook for further details.

We apologise for the short notice and any inconvenience caused but we have only been informed this morning ourselves.



Linton Locks Update

I attended a meeting a couple of weeks ago regarding the progress at Linton Locks. Unfortunately there had been very little progress since the last time I visited the site several months ago.

The main reason appeared to be issues with the current contractors not really moving forward with the job. It was stated at the meeting that the old contractors were being removed from site and a new contractor starting immediately. The new contractor had stated that they would expect to have most of the work complete around the end of September and ready for testing however we felt this would be more like the end of October realistically before we saw any water down the course.

I called into site today to have a look at progress and it does appear there has been a lot more work completed in the last few weeks than the last few months previously. The main inlet channel is now formed as well as several large concrete structures in the base of the first pool, it is now possible to see how deep the pools will be.

The hydraulic gate is not on site but is being manufactured at the moment and should be on site shortly hopefully.

During the coming months the payment scheme will be decided upon but the idea is a fee pay car on site.

Main infeed channel from river.

First Pool

More updates to follow in the next few weeks hopefully.