River Wharfe, Sun 22nd Jan

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The plan for this Sunday is to paddle the River Wharfe from Hebden to Barden Tower. This is a grade 2/3 stretch which is suitable for most when the river is at reasonable levels. The plan is to meet at 9:30am at Barden Tower in the lay-by over the bridge on the far side of the river. Go past the Tower car park and take the next right and follow the road down over the river.

It is IMPORTANT that people let us know that they plan on attending so we can organise enough competent people for safety and leadership on the river.

Please note anyone not confirming they are attending could be turned away on the day. The organisers do not accept any responsibility for people turning up when a trip has been cancelled or the meeting place changed, if we do not know you are attending.

Please confirm your attendance via email to:

Rich – monkeypaddler@hotmail.co.uk
Paul – paul-atkins@talktalk.net

Map of meeting point

Sowerby Bridge, 14th Jan

A fun but cold day (check out the icicles!) playing on the waves at Sowerby Bridge.

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On Saturday 14th Jan, a few of us are planning to go paddling to Sowerby Bridge for a couple of hours on the slalom course. At the moment there is Andy Walker, Tony and Karen Thompson, Andy Smith and Steve Arundale planning to be there. If anyone else is interested in paddling please let Andy Walker know, just so he has an idea of numbers or if levels become too high.

We plan to meet in the car park at the industrial units, immediate right after crossing the river around 12:00.

Reminder: New Years Day Paddle

A reminder that the Club New Years Day Paddle takes place this Sunday, 1st January 2012 @ 10.30am.

Meet at Slenningford Watermill, near West Tanfield and paddle from Mickley to Slenningford Watermill.

Any equipment required please contact Peter Dawson via peter@decats.f9.co.uk

Some members may wish to walk up the river side instead of paddling and then join us for the Faith lunch.

The Faith lunch will be held above the Try-It/Go Outdoors canoe shop (thanks to Simon for letting us use the room). A Faith lunch is where each person brings some food such as: Mince Pies; Sandwiches; Xmas Cake; Cheese; Pork Pie; Mulled Wine; Wine; Mars Bar Cake; Sausages; Breadsticks; Dips; etc. The food is put on a central table and shared. This is an alternative to going for a meal at the local pub as they were charging £25 per head for lunch a few years ago and could become expensive for a family.

Hope to see you all there.


Photos from the River Lune trip, 28th Dec 2011

A lively (and sometimes challenging) paddle down the River Lune today. Unusually mild weather for this time of year (last years paddle was mainly avoiding icebergs), a couple of swims, some big rapids, bouncy waves and fantastic scenery. A good day was had by all that paddled.

Click here to view the photos – updated with pics from Ian Johnson

Video of the day

Here’s a snippet of them from the set:

Matthew on the Strid


Karen on the Lune


Peter Walker on the Strid


Sheriff gives the thumbs up!


Russ on the Strid, Lune




Peter Walker on the Lune

Next River Trip – Lune, 28th Dec

Update: This trip is now fully booked.

The next club trip is the River Lune on 28th Dec.

Meet at 9:00am at Devils Bridge, Kirkby Lonsdale. This river trip is not suitable for beginner paddlers.


Here is a brief list of equipment that each individual will need to carry on the River Lune and similar levels of River. This is not just for group safety but for the safety of the individual;

  •  Throwline and Knife
  • Warm drink in flask
  • Dry Bag containing the following:-


  1. Warm/Dry gloves hat.
  2. Hand warmers (personal option)
  3. Emergency food, mars bars or similar
  4. Survival bag.
  5. Optional small personal first aid kit
  6. Any personal medication that maybe required, clearly marked.


In addition, boats should have air bags in the rear correctly inflated. All equipment should be securely attached into the boat and marked with individual’s details.On the Lune we are in the middle of nowhere, far from civilisation and the nearest road, so if something did go wrong you need to be able to keep yourself warm.

The shuttle on the Lune is in the region of 45mins and it can be bitterly cold for those waiting at the put in, so you need to be prepared for a wait and to keep yourself warm. 

As you paddle rivers like this there will still be people leading the rivers and looking out for the groups safety but the individual has to start taking more responsibility for their own safety and preparation of their equipment.

Link to meeting point

IMPORTANT: This is a grade 3 to 4 challenging and technical river. You MUST let Richard Cooke or Mike know if you intend to paddle and well in advance of the day to allow time to plan accordingly. Please do not turn up out of the blue or let him know at the last minute.



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